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Do you feel completely overwhelmed growing your social media and creating content daily?


Are you searching for clarity around your ideas and more confidence to show up to build your business?


Do you want more leads and sales?


Imagine if you could work from a place within, where you trusted your ideas, felt comfortable to show up on camera, created content that felt effortless and connected with your ideal audience to generate new leads and sales!

Was that a yes?

The exciting news is you can in the Brand Builders Bootcamp

Do you feel like...

You’re spending hours in your day and week overthinking and second guessing what to put on social media? Wondering if your message is clear and if you’re targeting the right people?

Or maybe ...

You feel ready to say goodbye to the hours wasted trying to untangle the ideas (often alone) that swirl in your mind so that you can start creating from a place of clarity with a strategy that aims to connect and convert your customers into clients? 


I have encountered, coached and guided so many overwhelmed and frustrated entrepreneurs trying to clarify their message, untangle their ideas, stand out in the noise and create a business that speaks to their ideal customer so I know how you might be feeling…Hey I have been there, trust me - I get it. I see you!

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I was very unmotivated to post on Instagram as I didn’t know how to market myself due to not having a product to show. I feel like I have some direction now on how to move forward, market myself and gain followers. I know that I have a lot of improvement to get to where I want to be, but I’m excited that I’m heading in the right direction.

- Alyssa B - 

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Let me ask you this...
How are you feeling
right now?

Sitting in self doubt 

Do you find yourself consuming other people's content often without even knowing find yourself thinking, how do they do it? They are so confident. Their business looks so professional. I wish I could do that. I am not ‘the’ expert. No one wants to hear what I have to say….and imposter syndrome starts to creep in?


Overwhelmed with all the things

Content creation and messaging is something you know is important but it’s taking up so much time and you don’t even know if your messaging is ‘right.’ You spend so long overthinking it, that it leaves you feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to do. 

Avoiding doing the dang thing

You know what you ‘should’ be doing but your confidence is slowing you down. You would love to know how to show up and be the ‘face of your’ brand but something is holding you back from Reels, lives & stories. Being visible is something you want but you are lacking the confidence to show up!  

Lacking confidence

Do you worry about how you are going to grow your business effectively when you find it difficult to show up fully on social media? Maybe you have a fear of selling? It feels icky & feels unnatural...what do you say, how to say it? 

The good news?
I can help you get unstuck. 

Ok, be honest here...

Did you find yourself saying YES to any of the list above firstly, you’re not alone. Secondly, as entrepreneurs it’s normal to feel imposter syndrome….but we can NOT let it get in the way of showing up as the face of our brand. 


Because people buy from people & especially ones they know, like and trust (yep #marketingspeak, but it’s true). Before working with me my clients will share that they struggle to show up….they question everything…how to show up, what to say, how to say it…..and then end up not showing up at all (can’t mess up that way!).  


And that’s where I come in.


‘Kristen gave me invaluable insight into where to start and what to focus on. She gave me clarity when all I had was a head full of worry.’ Alice O

Welcome to the Brand Builders Bootcamp where in one month you will gain the clarity, confidence and charisma to transform your relationship with social media & build a show stopping brand!

Image by Keila Hötzel

The Brand Builders Bootcamp will take you from feeling overcome by imposter syndrome and unclear how to effectively and strategically share your brand's message.


To feeling capable, in control, clear and confident to show up and create from a place of simplicity and clarity

What happens when you say yes...?

By saying yes to this Bootcamp you will 


  • Gain clarity in your Brand’s message 

  • Create with purpose & clarity 

  • Actually start to feel excited to show up  and become officially unstuck. And not only will you better understand your brand's foundations but you will build the bridge to your audience and their appetite for what you offer.  

  • In the process you will learn how to communicate clearly and succinctly, gaining the confidence & courage to show up on camera and build that all important brand charisma. 



The Brand Builders Bootcamp will accelerate your business & mindset by helping you clarify your message. Because your message is everything


You will gain the confidence to show up & get the time back through creating from a place of simplicity and clarity.


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The Brand Builders Bootcamp will empower you to: 


  • Show up as the face of your brand

  • Share your message succinctly and confidently

  • Strategically plan your social media to create connection and build your profile

  • Use Reels, live, stories and create engagement daily

  • You will become a magnet for clients saying yes to your offer or product

  • Feel comfortable and confident in you and you brand's message

  • Feel empowered with how to show up and sell to you clients

  • Understand the power of your personal brand and how to leverage it to create a truly authentic all round brand 


Here is what’s on offer when you sign up to The Brand Builders Bootcamp - an intimate group of Brand Builders, all working together, sharing experiences, ideas, strategies and learnings all whilst going through my proven Why, Who, How, Connect guide that I have used to support entrepreneurs for years. So I know the transformation is possible. 


Meet weekly via Zoom for 90min we will work through my 4 step process to take you from confusion to clarity. The rest of the session is dedicated to you. We will openly discuss as a group what is coming up for you and help to clarify and untangle your thoughts so you have a clear focus & action for the week ahead.

There will be a Facebook group for all the conversations & questions that come up over the 4 weeks plus unlimited Voxer chat between the group! 


Session 1 - Digging Deep

Uncovering your deep why, and finding where your passion and purpose is coming from is the secret sauce, this is where we start laying your rock solid foundation.

In order to build a solid brand you need a rock solid foundation. The foundation comes from knowing why you do what you do? What do you provide to your clients to help them? How do you help them through their problems? We will work towards establishing a clear mindset and foundation that you can grow from. 


Session 2 - Deciding who you're for and what makes you so unique?

If you’re talking to everyone, you're talking to no one. So discovering and or clarifying who you’re talking to is the next step to message clarity & confidence. Then we will discuss starting to define your service/product. What does it do? What makes you unique, uncovering your story is part of session 2 which helps to shape what you can do for your customers, that is unique to you. 


Session 3 - How to become a successful guide?

Your customer doesn’t need you to show them and be the hero of this story but rather they need you to guide them to the solution so they become the hero in their story. So how are you going to guide them? Then how are you going to share this message? How will you grow your brand to create lasting connections with your ideal customer?  


Session 4 - With Clarity comes Confidence

This is where you get to bring it all together. You know why you’re here, who you’re talking to and how you can guide them as well as how you want to show up to serve them…So now we can enjoy creating from a place of clarity. Crafting, trying, practicing and enjoying creating content that creates connection.


You will also get my 

  • How to make a Reel Mini course

  • Canva for Beginners Course

  • 2 x Live Zoom Q&A 

  • Lifetime access to all learning in bootcamp

  • Trello content planner

  • Content planner spreadsheet

After 2 of the bootcamp sessions I felt confident enough to just start making content and put myself out there in tiktok land. Which has just grown my confidence even more and I'm getting better each time now. I'm getting followers and interactions from the audience I'm trying to reach, which is just incredible. 

-Alice O'Brian

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The Brand Builders Bootcamp is for you

1. If you're building a brand on social media and constantly feeling stuck, time poor & tangled in a web of too many ideas. 

2. If you feel imposter syndrome is slowing or stopping you from be visible for your brand

3. If you say things like I should do video but I don’t know what to say or how to say it

4. If you can see the values in reels for instagram growth but also struggle with ideas, time and confidence to do them. 

5. Feel overwhelmed with your content creation and feel like you’re messaging isn't connecting 

6. If you want to feel more confident on camera

7. If you are starting, growing or pivoting in your business and feel a little lost on instagram

8. If you’re looking for a girl gang to cheer you on like a total Boss + create lasting Biz buddies for life

9. If you’re ready to take action and grow, both as a brand and as a women in business

10. If you’re sick of the same sh*t different day an you want a great vibe to light you up each week and help you to be the best freaking version of yourself! 

If you're feeling any of these then know this program is for you because I’m on a mission to take you from stuck to show stopping….with ease!

The support to take it back to the beginning of WHY is my biggest takeaway. Everything else like who and how that follows on from that is also important, but I’ve found the why coaching like the golden nugget that I sort of knew but avoided. The 10 steps after that seem a lot easier so I naturally always navigate towards the easier 10 steps forward work and get distracted by shinier things and other ideas to work on! Haha.

- Amanda B - 

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Ok, so here's a little more about me..


Hey, I am Kristen Werner a mulit passionate entrepreneur with over 17 years experience in Graphic Design, Brand Management, Marketing, campaigns and most recently in the last 7 years have created (from nothing) my own personal Digital Marketing Business where I get so incredibly excited to coach women in their own personal and business journey as a Brand & Visibility Coach. 


As a multi passionate entrepreneur who happens to be a manifesting generator (look that one up) I am also a Mum of two little ones and a wife, we own and run a winery in the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, where I have built and now coordinate a Bespoke Wedding Venue - @werner_vineyards


So I know a thing or two about being busy, branding and growing something from nothing with passion, clarity and confidence


Your story matters and my Superpower is hearing the things you’re not saying & detangling your thoughts so we can cut through and help you excel in the space you were born to be!


I am offering Brand Builders Bootcamp as a limited time foundation offer - which means this is the only time I will be running this Bootcamp at this price. 


The Brand Builders Bootcamp is a one time investment 

Doors are now closed but will open again in June so click and join the wait list now!


If you're not 100% satisfied with Brand Builders Bootcamp and you can prove you have put in the work, taken action and stepped up for your self then I will offer you a full refund.


Of course, I cant guarantee you results - no-one can. But I CAN guarantee the quality of this Bootcamp. 


See for yourself; you have nothing to lose.


My business is new and I am new to all of this, will this be right for me?

Yes. The beauty of this Bootcamp is, we’re laying the foundations so it’s actually ideal for a new/start up business. You’ll learn from others and be able to provide a new perspective to them also.

When will the session be?

To be confirmed but at this stage they will be during the day mid week. Once the group is set we will discuss it further.

What if I can’t make the sessions?

All sessions will be recorded & uploaded so you can view asap. There is a FB group and Voxer group for all members in each intake so you can ask questions and swap ideas at any time.

Do you offer extra training if I need it?

If you are building a business and you feel overwhelmed, time poor and confused about your brand and message then it’s for you. You will gain clarity and confidence but you also need to be ready and open to growth.

How do I know if I will benefit from it?

This is an extra long title. Click here to edit and add your own text. It's easy.

I have been building my business for a while, I feel like I know this stuff but I would like a refresh. Will this help me?

Absolutely. Think of this as your new girl gang, a group of cheerleaders here to support, share and inspire you. There is always space to learn and grow. Repetition is the mother of learning so the more you can go over it the better you and your business will be!

When does it start?

The doors close on the 4th of May, so we will begin the week starting the 9th of May. 

‘I loved that you have an ability to read people so well. Some of the participants would say "I think my weakness is this and it's because of this" and you would know right away that there was more to their story.’

Alix - The Celebrant 

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Image by Avel Chuklanov

Nothing changes.
If nothing changes

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